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Jewels of the Nomads

Intentional Metalsmithing Book (hardcover)

Intentional Metalsmithing Book (hardcover)

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This book is a great reference guide for folks taking Intentional Metalsmithing, or interested in the course. You can get started with the free course: Alchemy of Soldering (click HERE for more information!).

The book has:

-134 pages of eye candy and instruction

-Beautiful soft-touch hard cover**

-Steps for each project inside all modules of the course***

-Reference information like types of wire, qualities of different metals, melting point of metals, how to use a jeweler's saw, working with rosecut gemstones, and more!

-Special section on Assembly and Design with Intention!

-Features 8 spotlight artists and a student gallery!


** Currently we are only offering a hardcover version of the book. We may add additional versions in 2023.

*** The book is not a substitute for mastering torch soldering in the Intentional Metalsmithing course. The project steps are for guidance while taking the course. We do not make any promises that you can complete a project inside this book without also taking the course. If you'd like to sign up for Intentional Metalsmithing, click HERE.

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  • Working with the Gemstones

    Learn about the Vibrations of the Gemstones here.

    Learn about Crystal Care + Strengthening the Vibration here.

    Learn about the Symbolism and Meaning of Shapes here.