Crystal Care + Strengthening the Vibration

Crystal Care + Strengthening the Vibration

My work throughout my career focuses on generating light, love and joy in our world through combinations of symbols,  gems and unusual objects. I call these combinations sacred personal talismans. My line is created using ancient metalworking techniques and drawing on extensive cultural and historical references. The goal is to creatively express yourself through adornment. 

We are all composed of eight chakras (seven physical and one around the body—the aura) that direct our strengths and weaknesses in life. There is a relationship between behavior and your dominant chakra because energy acts like a magnet. We constantly attract vibrations to ourselves that are on the same wavelength as the chakras from which we are operating. 

Wearing specific colors and vibrations in gemstones affects our well being and the balance of our body.  When our chakras exist in balance, we will find a calming energy in our life.  

Chakra Colors + Crystals 

Chakras + Gemstones

Suggestions to using chakra healing jewelry to enhance your life:

  1. Wear the stones as jewelry over the chakra locations.
  2. Practice yoga or meditate while wearing your crystal jewelry.
  3. Keep your  jewelry or a loose stone on your person.
  4. Sleep with the stone under your pillow or next to your bed.
When you're ready to work with gemstones or crystals, gently hold them near a chakra or lay down and place the stone directly on that area of your body. Then, visualize the color of that chakra and the energy that resides there.

Crystal care

Because of the energy passing through the stones, it’s important to clear crystals of stagnant energy from time to time, so their natural frequencies can do their most effective work. Here are a few ways to clean crystals and purify their energy.

Running water
One of the simplest methods of cleansing your crystals is to run them under water for one minute at a time, moving your fingers over them to wash away any negative energy attached.
Salt water – For those crystals that can be submerged, take a teaspoon of rock, pink Himalayan, or normal table salt and add to a bowl of water to rest.  Use your intuition on how long you leave them submerged.  For example, because I religiously charge my crystals once a month, I leave mine for an hour to cleanse, but if this is the first time you’ve charged and cleansed your crystals since buying them, I would leave overnight.

Using sage to cleanse is a great way to restore a crystal’s natural energy.  I will often run my crystals under fresh water first, dry them off and then sit and sage them one by one whilst listening to healing music. It’s turned into one of my favorite rituals to do around the time of the full moon.

Moonlight bathing
Many people use the natural moonlight and moon cycle to cleanse and charge their crystals. It’s most powerful at the full moon, but can be done any evening by setting your stones outside or in a window. 

I’ve often spoken about the power of visualization and using your thoughts to cleanse your crystals can be a super powerful way of ridding any attached negative energy.  Hold each crystal in your hand as you meditate and imagine a bright white light around it as you manipulate it in your hands.  You should be able to feel the crystal become lighter, which is an indicator it has been cleansed.

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