Collection: Susan Lenart Jewelry

Once upon a time, in remote areas of the world, there were our own ancestors who lived their lives Nomadically by moving and flowing seasonally with the weather and their constant roaming food sources. Business was conducted by trade and when one received a silver or gold coin that only weighed heavy in their folds and stashes, a brilliant idea came about of wearing + displaying wealth as a more useful + expressive form of adornment.

Since much of what people wore in clothing at that time was much the same as another,  personal jewelry + adornment became a way for individual expression.  Jewelry became a statement + expression of lifestyle and personality.    The use of objects and layers in jewelry helped to describe the essence of the shaman, the powerful leader of the group, whether one is single and available or married and jewelry for the head of family + royalty. Jewelry to honor the prominent woman in the family but jewelry also expressed qualities such as bravery + status.

So began the jeweler who made simple tools and hammered out these coins to forge, solder, set objects and stones. So began our own personal profession as jewelers and wearers of the jewelry.          

Our ancestors built beautiful Jewelry but also as magical pieces called Talismans. These were built to provide a service and were worn as amulets to bring forth qualities such as protection, abundance, peace, love + well-being. Headpieces were made for the leaders of the group and royalty to honor who they are as an individual. Objects of bone and teeth were salvaged from the hunt and carried in it the power from the animal that it was collected from. Gems and stones were worn for abundance and wealth. Shells for prosperity.

My current hand made body of work, called THE LANGUAGE OF JEWELRY,  is forged, soldered, hinged and riveted together using the power of energy in prayer, song, mantras + yogas movements to create Talismans in much of the same way that it was used + built in the past, with magic.

Energy is embedded through my whole building process to bring in freedom, strength, abundance, peace, and personal majestic + regal beauty in every Talisman's component.  There is much kinesthetic movement in its construction as each piece gently chimes in on itself with melodic sound as you wear it + flow lightly through the world.  Feel the energy from each gem and the power + strength of each stone + object and the unique vibration that influences its own uniqueness.
This body of work and new collection holds the power and strength in each Talisman that I built to carry + honor the beautiful regal traits of women who have found a way to break through and be themselves in their expression and their own authenticity in their choice of adornment.

This body of work will help you to hold the magic of a personal sacred object + Talismans and express yourself symbolically by picking your pieces in this collection intuitively.  They will bring in qualities of each combined Talisman.
Enjoy them on the wall for display or on your body.

xx susan lenart