Collection: NEW

Many people, including myself, use crystals as a form of self-care or complementary as alternative medicine. More than we realize, The vibrations in each color and quality of the crystal stones affect and stimulate each of your internal subtle bodies better known as chakras. 

Chakra jewelry is believed to be beneficial for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as they not only help balance the imbalanced chakras but they also help to open blocked chakras helping you in your overall balance and well being. 

In my work, I use powerfully charged intentional crystal stones that can help enhance your vibration in different areas. Whether you are gifting my jewelry + crystal qualities for a family or friend or buying for yourself, please choose each piece intuitively by what you are authentically attracted to and also what qualities that you are needing to bring into your life. 

My new body of work, Rainbow chakra jewelry is made beautifully and purposefully so you can wear and carry each quality of a particular stone with you to create strong and powerful vibration, symbolism + talismans.  My jewelry is intended to raise your vibration and give you a little boost in the area that you need and feel its significant power, for it all holds meaning and symbolism. 

My work embodies light, love and joy in our world through specific combinations of symbols,  gems and unusual objects. My line is created by using ancient metalworking techniques and extensive cultural + historical references in order for the weather to creatively express themselves through adornment and wear throughout time.  

This line works with the vibrancy of each piece to be brought into a whole and these vibrations are purely transferred to the wearer. Buying + wearing a piece from Jewels of the Nomad is purely an intuitive decision.