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Ancient East Indian jewelry components - Traditions from the Thar desert

These pieces and parts of handmade ancient silver and coin silver jewelry were handcrafted in the Thar desert.  Each piece is a culturally Important work of ancient art because these ornaments have cultural, social, and ritual significance that they are made from prescribed materials to specific designs and decorated with particular motifs, and created by only those who are mandated. (enduring splendor -Seligman Balakrishnan)

Interestingly,  these beautiful pieces of Jewelry components were originally brought in as a dowry from a woman. additional pieces were bought in India over time because lavish layering indicates wealth. When money was made in the family, the silver and gold could be melted down to create jewelry to wear but at any given time it could be melted back down, sold or pledged for loans. Jewelry was fluid. 

Traditionally speaking, the Jewelry of the Thar desert had significance- 

Newborns are given a bracelet of black beads at birth to warn off evil eye intentions

When a child begins walking, mothers, who were busy with daily work, decorate their children with chimes and charms so they can keep track of their whereabouts 

Gold and silver bangles harness the energy of the sun

Marriageable age women  moved into a larger seductive earring

Nose piercing enhanced her fertility.

Silver Charms were worn for good luck.

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