Susan's Workshop

I'm looking forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you to my studio in Cleveland. Here are some details about the location.


1300 Athens Ave, Studio 339
Lakewood, OH 44107

Fly into: 

Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE)


Susan suggests getting AirBnB or hotel in Lakewood. She recommends the Hilton Cleveland Downtown (see below). She doesn't recommend the Hilton at the airport.

Hilton Cleveland Downtown
100 Lakeside Ave. E
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 413-5000

Workshop Agenda:

"On The Surface: Granulation, Filigree & Symbolism"

Workshop starts at 10am Friday, September 17 and ends around 4pm on Sunday, September 19

Susan will supply lunch. She's planning on organic tacos on Friday, pizza on Saturday, and maybe Thai for Sunday. If you have allergies, please plan to provide your own meals.

Breakfast/dinner is up to you.

There will be an optional dinner out Saturday night but everyone will pay for their own meals.

Susan's COVID Policy:

You are on the honor system. If you test positive after September 2, we request that you do not attend the workshop. Masks are not required in Cleveland. Susan is vaccinated but will not be wearing a mask while teaching. We recommend you be vaccinated and plan to wear a mask if you feel you need to do so. We recommend you take a covid test before traveling. Your workshop fee will be refunded if you test positive and cannot attend. Susan's studio is large with lots of ventilation and she will be running a fan. Email us HERE if you have questions.

Workshop Tools List:

In addition to the tools in the Nomadic Metalsmithing Kit, please bring tweezers, permanent marker nib size fine, flux and solder. Download the Nomadic toolkit file by clicking HERE.  Susan will provide gas, torchheads and rotating pans. (Bring your own if you prefer.)

Workshop Supplies List:

There is not a kit fee. Please bring minimum amount of supplies below-

¼” sterling silver strip-12”
½” sterling silver strip- 9”
24 gauge sterling silver sheet metal-6+3
26 gauge sterling silver sheet 3+3
18 gauge wire -1 oz
20gauge wire -1 oz
22 gauge wire 2 oz
18 gauge square wire-1 oz
Fine silver strip6+½ (sheet, scrap)- for making our own granulation
Pattern wire-6” (Rio: 102127)
Beaded wire (Rio: 100916)
Gallery wire filigree 3 ft- (Rio: 103275)
Beaded berry wire - (Rio: 103280)
Any scrap silver
Any scrap fine silver
Any little sterling silver small components to solder onto your surface
Indian dies (or any small dies)
Dapping dies
Fine silver granulation- (rio: 109381) (I will have enough for everyone so this is optional)
Russian filigree powdered solder (I will have enough for everyone)
Stones, gems, found objects etc
Dremel tool (there should be one to share)



Plan to complete a pendant or ring. Samples shown below-

Description of workshop:

"On The Surface: Granulation, Filigree & Symbolism"
Gather together and build a small body of work that communicates a harmonious composition throughout your personal choices and holds true to your authenticity. Manifest and communicate an idea or quality using the idea of shapes, symbolism, objects + expression while learning the process and technique of filigree and granulation on hollow forms.
In this workshop you will be encouraged to explore unusual shapes, Stone and object setting, hollow forms, wire as decorative, granulation and filigree techniques to compose a beautiful personal expressive pendant or ring.
I have been Teaching creative workshops through the medium of metals, silver jewelry and adornment for over a decade.
I found that when I hold a safe and exploratory space for students as a whole for a period of time and allow for the messy development of mistakes and imperfection, much growth and personal reward is the outcome. Learn to build authentically from the heart to create personal, inspirational and profound work.
In this workshop, allow through light, laughter, meditation and mindfulness of our real selves to arise and utilize this force to create our own personal work. Whether we bring forward joy, sorrow, grief, love, success, or anger to create sharp angles, circles, triangles, squares, we all will be expressing ourselves in symbolism.
Throughout history prayer boxes and Talismans have been worn purposely used to enhance and bring the qualities, prayers or specific intentions embedded into these boxes into fruition. These boxes and containers are constructed into beautiful wearable adornments to be carried for protection, power and love.The repetition of wearing a prayer box embeds one's intentions deeply and profoundly into the wearer's life, into our own personal life.