Thanks for your RSVP for my masterclass event!

Thanks for RSVPing for our 3-day event!

This event is only open to students in the following:

Intentional Metalsmithing (more info HERE)
Alchemy of Soldering (more info HERE)
Unfolding (more info HERE)

More info about the event:

SAVE THE DATE: May 5-7 Kristina and I have planned out our three-day masterclass event for students of Intentional Metalsmithing and Unfolding. Save the weekend of May 5-7!

I'll be teaching a session on May 5 in the evening about the simplicity of being a nomadic jewelry designer. I'll give you a studio tour and talk with you about tools and how I limited myself to get a fresh look and back to an authentic style.

Kristina is teaching a session in the morning on May 6. She's a wonderful business coach and managing the marketing and online education side of my business. She's going to talk about showing up on Instagram and email marketing in 2023.

On the last day, May 7, I'll be teaching about how to use energy tools to set up your daily practice and align your body/mind/soul to be in flow in your studio and build as your true self. We'll also talk about clearing your studio, breaking obstacles for the creative mind, and using Talisman words.