new home

 Close your eyes and imagine sitting on a sandy beach.
A vibrant ocean is moving and creating an organic raw + rhythmic sound like irregular beats from each wave crashing upon the sand and each in its own unique rhythm.
You look over the ocean and see that the sky is a vibrant, smudged orange as the sun begins to set.
You feel peace from a gentle wind and salty pungent smell of the briny ocean.
You take a deep breath and feel yourself propelled into a rare + private space, a space that guides you to the core of your personal strength, beauty + wholeness. With each rhythmic movement and crescendo, you begin to feel a beautiful beat + rhythm within your body.
You look down and notice that you are wearing colorful fringed jewelry that moves gently in the wind.
The pieces carry the power of metal charms and altered objects. As you move + sway your body, you know that this moment is all about dance, movement, salty smell, and taste of the ocean.
You enjoy all senses at once as you get lost in time.  You join the sound of the percussion of nature with your movement that chimes and, in joint effort, forms a vibrant + brilliant orchestra of raw sound that brings wholeness to your being.
Enjoy these ceremonial pieces that carry more than just the elements in themselves.
They are filled with gems, charms, altered personal and powerfully charged objects. 
Dance with them, use them as percussion, let them be in your life as you please. 
Wear them, honor them, put them on a wall and enjoy the shadow and light from a brilliant sun or dimming sunset or display them on a table to be enjoyed. 
Fill them with your own energy + life.
They are your Talismans. enjoy.