June Pathfinding Breaking Free: A Workshop to Unblock Creativity and Live in Alignment


Pathfinding Breaking Free: A Workshop to Unblock Creativity and Live in Alignment

Please join us in this powerful, and unusual 3 day transformational workshop. IN JOINED FORCES -  We bring this to you. Pathfinding: Transformative Workshops for Personal Growth and Success. We invite you to come and experience a methodology that is tailored to you as an individual, that highlights your own personal pathway and to see where that leads….

Who Are We? 

Please meet Sue and Hugh, both US based retired educators with degrees in psychology that have carved out their own creative process for profound healing. Using a highly intuitive approach they help you to see not just how amazing you can be, but how extraordinary you already are. Facilitating you through processes of mind, body, heart and spirit they help you cast aside what no longer serves you and usher in what will allow you to move forward.

13 years ago, they began their own path, exploring SHAMAN culture in a variety of places including an immersive Amazon experience in Ecuador for healing, growing and self realization. I have been their student/apprentice over the last year and their wisdom has brought profound positive realizations and changes in my life. My words can not describe, but I try.  

My work with you is to prepare you for this life changing event over 3 days and 2 evenings including preliminary work for you to dig into your intentions, let go of old paradigms, setting new dreams into place to move forward. During the day and in a relaxed manner, you will do some beautiful tantric dance, journal, a little meditation and more to help shake off all of the old and prepare to bring in the new.