Studio Ritual - Releasing Fear

Studio Ritual - Releasing Fear

Here’s a little ritual that will shed fear to create a new empty space to bring the light of courage and strength.

Recognize fear.

Many years ago, there was a belief that I understood, that we must not think about anything negative in order to stay positive in our thoughts and life. Many of us found out that this just stuffs old worn out ugly beliefs deeper into our minds, body + soul. This in turn attracts the same ugly energy that these stuffed thoughts hold. 

Like attracts like.

In this ritual, I am guiding you through bringing an old ugly thought to mind and naming it. Really feeling it and going there deeply. Breathe it in and exhale just a few times.

Write down this fear in a permanent sort of way. See it and feel it. Feel the emotions that this old energy caused. Feel how the fear is holding you back. Simply Light a candle + burn your paper and feel your fear burning away and leaving. Shed then letting it go. Hand it over.

This removes old energies from the past. 

By letting go we have a new bright empty space to fill with something better.

In this ritual, I light a candle.

There may be hundreds embedded in our subconscious and they gently come to light when we are ready to let go.

Take a breath in and you will see that your old energy will be cleared. Take a grounding breath and deposit anything remaining into the earth.

You have handed it over and it is gone.

Imagine something new entering into your life that you have a passion for, breathe this thought into your heart + know you have victory + freedom and you are ready to courageously move forward.  


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