+ Notes from the Studio + 6.28.23

+ Notes from the Studio + 6.28.23

I am back in my studio from a week long kundalini yoga retreat that was put on in the remote mountains near Santa Fe. The land was so beautiful with cool weather, bright sunshine and beautiful view of grand mountains. The land and ground felt sacred. The elevation was at 6000 feet and we did a lot of breathing. It was easy to have energy when I returned home. I ate a clean vegan diet while there, but I also looked forward to getting a juicy hamburger when I got back home. (and I did)

I needed a little replenishing, so the timing was perfect. I got reenergized for the new coming in. I learned new movements for opening up each power center + gaining energy.

In this group effort, I let go of a few problems + blocks to the universe to be solved by a higher source I got to look at my work as an artist and jewelry and make shifts + adjustments in business and work.

I was reminded on real energy work and how important that it is to put it out there into the world.

I find that retreats, whether they are art + jewelry retreats or yoga can really help to get you out of your routines in order to look at life differently. It’s easier to solve problems in a different environment, don’t you think? Travel and education always cause change on the return, whether it be slight or magnanimous. It feels good now that Covid is over and I see life rebuilding. I can personally get out more. I see the arts and yoga world shifting and changing to grow into what it needs to be. All of us reconnecting. The world has changed but much remains the same, as a need to gather in groups to learn, shift and change.

I am using some of the techniques and yoga that I learned in these mountains for my program, UNFOLDING, which I built as a monthly creativity program to help you and I let go of old ideas and habits and move into a clear clean creative space in order to build jewelry + art intentionally and successfully.

I use a powerful Talisman word each month to explore and see what we can each gain from a new feeling and vibration. This word works very gently and almost undiscovered unless you look back a little and take some notes. You can see how this word has woven into your life to help in whatever way that you need it. This way, we all get a chance to live within a chosen power word to help elevate our consciousness and creativity.

I start with putting energy into the intended word, such courage, and then the energy from a group effort powers up the energy of the word in a big way. This is why I love the energy of a group.

I am very excited about a new program that I have been trained in to energize each chakra. Starting in September, for my UNFOLDING program, I will be setting up mantras, kriyas, yoga and projects to help open and vibrate each of the energy centers or chakras each month. Each month we will work on each individual chakra in my monthly program. I believe it will be powerful, amazing and vibrant.

And on that subject, 2 years ago, I built with an assistant quite a few rings that are chakra rings. They have big, beautiful gems charged with the energy of each chakra that represents their color. I did not have time to market them as I should have for the yoga community, so I have listed them and I am giving a discount of 20% from Friday through Sunday.

Please choose each color by how you feel. You will intuitively know what color crystal and stone that is necessary in your life. They are fun and powerful to wear and just have in your collection. Gems give off vibrant energy which helps to heal your energy. Click HERE to shop rings. The discount will show up in in your cart. Please enjoy!


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