+ Notes from the Studio + 6.14.23

+ Notes from the Studio + 6.14.23

I am super excited for the first time to be traveling to a yoga retreat to replenish and refresh. This is always important in life, right? Education, stimulation, travel and replenishing of the soul. 

As usual, before a trip I find pieces of the experience end up in my dreams. I already know how and what subject I will be dedicating my focus. On to do a bit of transformation I am feeling my heart breaking wide open and finding room for a powerful vibration of strength to settle in. As women, sometimes we are afraid to recognize our own power and strength and own it. I want to explore this vibration. You may feel the effects and vibration to challenge you in my upcoming month of Unfolding

Power and strength feel and acts different for everyone - so how does this vibration and talisman feel for you to consider?

In the meantime, I am trying to squeeze in a little personal building and creating time between stylist work this week to get a few simpler pieces done for my upcoming travel. I want fringey and feather earrings reaching below my shoulders and a natural vibrant pendant around my neck besides my stack of bangles and vibrant gem filled arm band. I am bringing gem filled jewelry pieces to catch the vibe of all of this beautiful energy that will be created in this yoga retreat. Gems are living pieces that effect our vibration and can use to be replenished. Please see how to care for gems if you do not know. Also, to celebrate I am putting 15% off all of my gem collection that I have personally curated so that you can feel the vibrations too. It is always good to have and use gems in your life. Please pick the collection that you are naturally drawn too. That is important. Then look at what these gems offer as far as a vibration. I put together a nice little mix of color, shape and effect in my collections. This way you do not have to invest so much money in a single stone. I also sell them at the best prices that you will find. 

Here are the emotional vibrations that each gemstone produces when they are worn and loved. I am finding myself drawn to blues, yellows + purples. Throat, power and intuition chakras attached to vibrational emotions. 

Enjoy your building this week! Xxx

I also wanted to mention that I only have two seats left open in my studio workshop this coming Fall. Please email me if you are interested in a refresh if education. You can find details here.

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