+ Notes from the Studio + 5.12.23

+ Notes from the Studio + 5.12.23

Hello all! I want to say happy spring and to thank all of the new people who decided to try out Unfolding last month. I am grateful to have you and thank you to the people who left me a review on my membership. I always love getting feedback, so I know if I am on the right track. I work hard to offer a holistic approach to each talisman's word through creative pages, prompts, projects, business talk for the field, yoga, meditations and studio experiences to maybe help us all in our own studio. I also wanted to remind you that next Wednesday is when I show up live.  

Susan Lenart - Jewels of the Nomad - Studio Blog

I hope that your week has been a good one!  Mine has been a good behind-the-scenes once again. I am here in my studio exploring a few different programs and materials with open windows and fresh air. 

When the beautiful fresh air spring rolls in along with harmonic singing birds that have been absent all winter, I begin to feel a fresh feeling of clearing out and building new.

I find that this is the time for me to finish up open ended projects and so that I am able to start dreaming up new fresh ideas.  

Susan Lenart - Jewels of the Nomad - Studio Blog

One of the projects that I have been working hard behind the scenes and working out a concept that flows is a 3 day free event for anyone who has taken Alchemy of Soldering to enhance your education as a jewelry and an artist. 

I feel drawn to talk about the other side of jewelry making, such as being an artist, being a business person. So many people get into building jewelry because they want to get away from the stress of life. This is a real bonus to this profession but only if you keep your focus on doing what fits your lifestyle and personality well. It’s important to find your right niche that fits you well.

How do you market and what choices do you make for selling your work? For some, such as myself, it is important to find an outlet where you can sell your work to replenish supplies and have a little upgrade in your lifestyle. 

I have worked in so many different markets and fields of employment within jewelry and adornment and over a 30-year span so lately, It has been my mission to help our industry and the well-being of artists and jewelers to be able to see all aspects of our field. I used to do Jewelry Talk, which was the other side of jewelry building, such as branding, markets, working with stylists, PR people, publications, products, lines of jewelry commercial and private and the awareness of supplies.

May 19, 20, 21 I am showing up for a free event called -The Nomadic Jeweler- Building and branding your business to impart some of my knowledge on these subjects.  If you need a little boost in thinking about the business side of your work or need to refresh of in the studio, small living space or traveling as a jeweler or want to find out how to incorporate your life holistically as an artist. This takes observing and taking in the physical world as an inhale and then getting into your studio and accessing to be able to use these personal experiences and ideas for building and creating. 

Always, when you are building from your authentically or your very own personal experiences your work has value in this world because there is no other like it in the world. Your own people and trine will be able to find you and connect. 

I hope to see you all there!

Please see my short and sweet resume to find out what projects and markets I have worked on in my life: https://shop.jewelsofthenomad.com/pages/press-kit

Susan Lenart - Jewels of the Nomad - Studio Blog

Here is another bonus. I ended up bringing gems into my work about 3 years ago and since then I have learned so much about gems on all different levels. I learned to purchase the finest quality and buy a lot to keep my cost down. I have a gem cutter in India who ethically hires and cuts raw stone into beautiful gemstones sparkling with vibrancy.

I buy a lot to get the best price. I sell my gems for $4.00 a carat and I walked the whole floor in Tucson and noticed that anything similar was selling for $10.00 a carat. So……. I have some brand-new sets up on my shop this weekend! I curate sets that work together well as I use in my own jewelry. Here are a few pieces from my recent work that I chose from curated collections from my store. I hope that you love them like I do. 

Lately, one of my favorites is red rutilated quartz. – 

I am fascinated with the irregular inclusions made of mica and hematite deposits which give a fantastic show when flashed in the sun. The vibrancy of this hard crystal is amazing and I can feel the properties of this stone very strongly.

Rutilated quartz is one of the most unique types of quartz valued not for its perfections, but its imperfections. Rutilated quartz is becoming more appreciated today than ever before, even if many don’t know its name. 

A bit ethereal, with an array of colors, rutilated quartz is seen as spiritual and illuminating and  it offers unique value, lore, and meaning. From spiritual growth to emotional healing, rutilated quartz is enchanting in its own right.

Rutile Quartz is a beloved gemstone with powerful crystal healing. It has the capacity to bring ethereal energy into one’s being, connecting them to their higher self and spiritual guidance. It helps to open up the solar plexus chakra, allowing for clear communication between all of one’s chakra centers.

This gemstone can help to facilitate clarity when grading complex life events. Its presence creates an energetic vibration that brings insight and wisdom during times of chaos or confusion in order for one to make decisions effectively. It also helps those who are feeling low on energy by providing motivation and strength from within.

My store opens at 12 eastern on Friday and please check out my personal curated collections. 




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