+ Notes from the Studio + 4.28.23

+ Notes from the Studio + 4.28.23

Business, art, love is all tied together and cannot be separated.

Hello all! In my studio and my own little world, this week is my crunch week to get Unfolding built in the physical. I feel like there are two parts to my process to build this program each month and help inspire and bring a creative flow into artist and creators in the world. 

I spend the first part of the month in a dreamier intuitive state exploring which Talisman word will come to the surface to be of use for our community, our kindred clan and our little group of artists who want to grow and expand.  What do we need to be inspired this month? This gives us all a little chance to explore a new feeling and vibration for the month. 

I then research and explore on all levels of meditation, yoga, kriyas, ceremonial subjects to pull this program together holistically. There is a lot of work in this program, but I love it and I always coach to love what you do when building your product or program.

In my program, UNFOLDING,  I am here to remind all of us that to be a successful artist, creator, or inventor that this requires us to open to the creative force and flow. Pull the ideas in from above and bring them to the physical table. What brings joy and happiness is the process of authentic and flow of inventing. It is also what helps you as an artist in the end to have distinctive work that is recognizable to the world which leads to successful sales or ability to meet your business goals. It is all related and tied in together. Business, art, love is all tied together and cannot be separated. 

Being an artist is about fun and enjoyment! Don’t forget that and in fact, this month we will be exploring  JOY.

I love a comment from a beautiful woman in UNFOLDING who thanked me for reminding her of the fun in creating and being an artist. 

Life should be enjoyable and fun, not all of the time, but sometimes.  We get on the track of focus, building jewelry, making money, buying tools, studying techniques that many times we forget to enjoy ourselves in life. Find beauty in our day to stop and reflect inward.  When we forget to go inward then a creative block is sure to follow. I am here to remind you of this and find ways to inspire you.     This week has been a lot of fun working on the creative side of things. When I am engaged in building a strong + powerful monthly program each month for unfolding it helps me to get up every day and take notice of myself and this specific energy helps me into pulling a holistic organized package together based on hopefully inspiring and helping to move creators past blocks and into an open creative state called flow.

I am bringing in a little more comfort into your life with a little ritual that will make you feel comforted and beautiful. It’s the little things in life and a little quiet moment to stop, go inward just a little and think about yourself. 

We will see you there!

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