+ Notes from the Studio + 4.25.23

+ Notes from the Studio + 4.25.23


Hi all! I wanted to write this month as we are headed into the fresh new season of Spring.

From all my travel last Fall, a new vibration and new work settled into me. Change, settled in- there is that word that I often want to run from, but I know that it could do me so much necessary good! Internal Change is what happens when one sits still and notices after a period of action.

I was home much of this winter, sitting still and enjoying a little fire in the evening with a glass of wine and tea and hibernating a bit.

This felt so good after all of my travel last Fall of inhaling and taking in life. Now, it feels good to get into my studio and use some of these ideas that have been circulating around from exploring life and put it into the creative direction of building jewelry. As I always say, life is an inhale and an exhale. It feels good now to exhale. I am feeling the pure bliss of just creating once again in my exhale and I can trust with an open heart that my experiences will shine through the output of my work

I am grateful at times like these to be a creator and have a place to use my creativity and express my life through my work. That is what being a jeweler and creator is all about, right?

I hope that you are also enjoying your inhales and exhales. Being an artist is not just about being in the studio but about interpreting life experiences and bringing these experiences into your work.

Balancing and becoming successful in life as a creator, inventor and artist is what I had in mind as I build UNFOLDING each month. This is a program to inspire and help remove artist blocks.

Behind the scenes each month I am working to build a creative program of breathwork, to help heal and get your ideas to the surface, studio tips from me being an artist and builder for 30 years, business tips from my experience of building companies as an artist, jewelry projects, talismans theme to give you a chance to experience a new essence of a particular word each month, creative page to help open us up as artists and help to keep us inspired and so more!

Unfolding is about walking through life as a creator, inventor, and artist, how we each take in the world and put it to good use in our work.

I noticed many years ago when I taught art + jewelry in person of how I could teach the same project and everyone’s work would look different. This quality fascinated me, and I realized how unique we are as individuals by how We all interpret and process information.

We all have our own separate and private experiences which makes us each and our work different and unique.

My hope is that Unfolding will help to unravel parts of ourselves and open up to our own authenticity so one’s true work can shine through. When you produce your true authentic work then the satisfaction and money will be sure to follow.

If you would like the chance to Explore yourself as an individual authentic self through my group community in Unfolding, then I have one month free before you make a commitment.

If you are willing to change a little and explore yourself creatively.

This is a community program, so I priced it for all to afford. $25.00 a month so no one is left out. Everyone can afford to grow creatively and keep in touch without spending a lot of money.

If you miss my jewelry talks, then here is where I meet + show up and talk about new ideas of being an artist.

I am working on a better community platform and some fresh new ideas to help you to grow. Unfolding is forever shifting and becoming stronger in whatever way that I can help all of us grow as creators.



Jewels of the Nomad - Susan Lenart - Notes from the Studio Blog

Try Unfolding for one month free! Click HERE and use the couponcode: BEGINUNFOLDING during your checkout. You'll get immediate access to the current month's talisman!

I interviewed the featured artists in my Intentional Metalsmithing book and the videos are available on my YouTube channel HERE. Now that the IM book is available on Amazon, I want to remind you about these amazing artists and encourage you to take some time to watch and I hope that you are inspired.

I've listed the very last of the bezels I created for Ice Resin. They are huge bags of both bronze, white bronze, and components. These are the last of my personal stash. So get them now if you need them! Click HERE to shop!

Tickets to my 3-day virtual masterclass coming May 5-7 will be available for all current students (Alchemy of Soldering, Intentional Metalsmithing, and Unfolding). If you're not in one of those three programs, go sign up for Alchemy of Soldering HERE (my free class on creating a sterling silver bezel with my nomadic toolkit)! The links to join the live zoom calls will be shared with students and you'll have access to the replays for a limited time. Look for an announcement by Kristina inside Kajabi and the Facebook groups next week!

Day 1- I'm teaching about being a nomadic metalsmith and showing you around my own studio set-up and how to show up authentically. (7pm ET)

Day 2- I'll be teaching you about growing your brand. Kristina will join me to talk about the challenges for jewelry artists when it comes to marketing. (4pm ET)

Day 3- I'll be taking you through setting up your daily routines so that your mind/body/soul are aligned which helps you stay in creative flow. (4pm ET)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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