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Jewels of the Nomad

Workshop: Sacred Objects - Exploring Nontraditional Stone Setting April 18-22, 2023

Workshop: Sacred Objects - Exploring Nontraditional Stone Setting April 18-22, 2023

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Explore the idea of creating containers of wire using negative and positive space to design small  personal  architectural structures to set stones, gems and personal objects  in silver.     

In this workshop learn to layer wire and sheet metal in order to build and construct  a look of thought provoking elegance in capturing a stone or object without distraction. 

All objects and stones are not treated equally. Some are oddly shaped and curved with unusual protrusions such as in a crystal. Some have dimensional  layers of beauty when viewed from the side that you would not want to hide with a traditional bezel.

A view from the side may be essential in showing the full possibility and potential of an object such as petrified wood, layered mica from the earth and dimensional stones.

I use this technique specifically when I am in need of an unusual  setting  that allows one to view all sides of an object or stone and can be set regardless of an uneven shape and form.In fact, this setting highlights the object.

Explore the idea in building jewelry of the unusual and the road less traveled in art forms. Build prongs, wire structures in the raw by twisting, setting,  soldering and  forging wire.  Learn proper metalworking techniques for layout, shaping, forging, polishing and cleaning up.  

The raw look and exploration of the hollow form as a stone setting is a very distinctive and unique component to my personal and Talismans work. 

Currently, the art of  raw wire architectural  settings in jewelry is popular in high fashion, museums, galleries and art fact, my work in this style won  an award at MIlan fashion week 2021. 

Please join me for 5 day workshop in my personal studio which will include:

1- a healthy organic lunch brought in from local restaurant each day 

2- coffee and light breakfast

3- heart + mind alignment - group energy work and singing bowl session from two beautiful local energy workers to help open up you  to explore, be inspired and build with an open heart. 

Heart + mind alignment - Mary and Dr. Sam will guide you through a transformative experience that will leave you feeling more aligned and centered. 

what to expect from your experience:

  • sound bath & Intention setting meditation 
  • Physical + energetic alignment , emotional care 

4- studio bench and torch setting-large tools provided. you will have to bring your pliers and just a few simple tools.

Workshop Date: April 18-22, 2023

Cost of workshop:

1,450.00 or two payments of  $725.00 

13000 Athens Ave, Studio 339, Lakewood, Ohio 44106
Susan's studio is 15 minutes from the Cleveland airport. 

Where to Stay:
What to bring:
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