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Jewels of the Nomad



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Sterling Silver chain and pendant with Hollow Forms, Adornments, Amethyst, Raw Garnet, Fossil, Rainbow Tourmaline, Gold Leaf, Hessonite, Opal, Kyanite, Aquamarine & fibers. 


Amethyst enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation and calms the mind and spirit. It also helps with inspiration, protection and cleansing.

Garnet is used for spiritual protection and symbolizes passion. It break apart stagnant energies and helps you to transform yourself into the person that you desire to become.

Rainbow tourmaline is believed to promote emotional and physical healing, enhance spiritual growth and creativity, provide protection, and boost self-confidence.

Hessonite is known for giving mental relief and being able to help release fears.You will be more confident in your thoughts, words, and actions, and you will be able to clear the confusion in your head.

Opal is a symbol of hope, purity and truth. It can spark creativity and the "dance of fire" can help people enjoy life's pleasures.

Kyanite is a powerful stone with many helpful applications. It has a calming, grounding energy, making it useful for balancing emotions as well as accessing meditative states. It can also help us connect to our intuitive abilities and recall dreams, and it opens the third eye chakra. Kyanite helps us find clarity.

Aquamarine helps create a calm, centered, relaxed but alert state with balanced energy. It is a stone of the Divine Feminine.

Fossils are links to the past and can increase knowledge of ancient ways. They are associated with the earth element which can heighten your intuition and create a harmonious and organized atmosphere. They can teach us to be aware of the cycle of life and to embrace change.


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