October Workshop: Non-traditional STONE setting- wire Fabrication + Forging +exploring liquid enamel

My Personal Studio: Screw Factory, Lakewood Ohio
OCTOBER 19th - 22nd, 2024
Workshop hours:
19th - 21st 10am - 5pm EST
22st 10am - 3pm EST

 In my spacious studio you'll find that all the necessary large tools and torches are provided. Simply bring your handheld tools and supplies for building, settle in comfortably, and prepare to broaden your horizons. (The supply list will be available by September 2nd.)

Join me in this five-day workshop, where the emphasis lies in Fabrication and Forging techniques to create non-traditional stone settings using dimensional wire techniques to bring to life new exploratory work to build on.

Designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, this workshop challenges you to expand your creative boundaries, both in your body of work and personal life. Learn forging techniques to create raw hand hammered  square, flattened and tapered wire to bring an unusually powerful look into your work that will be used later in conjunction with our stone settings. Create symbolism in  your connections and  attachments to build a new look using wire + sheet metal to create an unusual bezel setting to contain a stone. 

Explore liquid enamels - a full day at a small scale (or continue as you like throughout the workshop). Learn a liquid enamel painting technique using glass paint and unique surfaces created by using materials and techniques such as graphite, sgraffito - a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a contrasting color below. Learn to create matte surfaces, firing transparent colors to create vibrant patinas and crackle techniques in enamel and other interesting  techniques to create your own personal symbolism to distinguish your work. All enamels are finished and set by Torch firing and use multiple firing with a kiln and/or torch. We will use these finished pieces to set them as stone.  


13000 Athens Ave, Studio 339, Lakewood, Ohio 44106
Susan's studio is 15 minutes from the Cleveland airport. 

Where to Stay:
  • Please get an airbnb anywhere in Lakewood rather than Cleveland. 
  • The Hilton Hotel is a 10 minute uber drive to the studio.
What to bring:
Large tools are provided including solder, flux, soldering station.
Please bring your hand tools, objects, stones and supply list (to be announced).
$1,095.00 - 3 day workshop (2 payments of 547.50 first payment to reserve your place - second payment is due October 2nd)  Click here to sign up >
Additional Details:
  • Susan will text you her phone number the day before the workshop begins.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early on the first day. Coffee & snacks will be provided.
  • when you arrive please text Susan and I will meet you to bring you up to my studio. Note: There is an elevator if you need it.
  • Healthy organic lunches are provided each day.
  • Saturday night group dinner - please plan to bring $50.00 if you would like to join the group for dinner Saturday night in the historical and interesting area of Cleveland called Allycat in the Flats. Click here for more information >>
  • Please note that this workshop is limited to 12 people.
  • No refunds after after October 2nd, 2024

Pathfinding Symbolic Expression: Unraveling Meaning in Your Artistic Vision

There is an opportunity at the end of this workshop to really take a deep dive into personal growth. Join us in this very powerful and unusual workshop that will make positive lasting shifts in your whole being all the way to your core. 

I have joined forces with two amazing powerful and creative energy workers, Sue + Hugh to present this dynamic 1 day workshop as a team and partnership. Through joint efforts we have put together this profound experience to help you expand, enlighten and remove creative blocks as an artist , creator and inventor in order  to help align your whole being to become your profound individual creative self. 

Who Are We?  

         IN JOINED FORCES -  We bring this to you. Pathfinding: Transformative Workshops for Personal Growth and Success.

Click Here for Further details, but please note that this aspect will involve a phone call. If you are interested or have questions, please complete the form below to arrange a call with Susan Lenart.